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About me ... Hi!

I specialise in informal family photography, whether this is a wedding, family day out ,celebration, or simple, beautiful portraits of the most important people in our lives. It is the love that is in a family which makes my photographs so special to me and to them. This love is the key to a beautiful and meaningful image and is what I strive to capture. 

Wedding Photography

My aim when I photograph your wedding is to create the full story of your day from start to finish.  Rather than the formal approach of lines of people I want to capture you with your friends and family enjoying your day as it happens.  I try to avoid interfering with the natural flow of the day as much as possible.  I also work with my clients prior to the wedding at the pre wedding shoot.  This makes the portrait session part of the day much more relaxed & enjoyable for you both.  No two weddings are the same, I work closely with all my clients in the planning of how I will photograph each wedding  to ensure that the photography is unique to the day.  The pre wedding shoot means that by the time you are getting ready to say I do we know each other well & helps makes you comfortable working with me.

Wedding coverage is  £1300.00 and includes full day coverage, edited images on usb & your pre wedding shoot.  
Full details are on my pricing page

Portrait Photography

This is done on location either at your home or a place you & your family love.  A much more natural & enjoyable session is ensured when everyone is enjoying themselves!

Session Fee is £100.00 with fine art prints starting at £35.00

I love to meet new people and its very important for you to love your photographer. So lets meet up & get to know each other!

I'll go first.........

A little bit about me -

I'm a city girl turned country bumpkin

Terrible housekeeper

Sci fi geek (trekkie)

Guilty pleasure - Judge Judy

I talk to my dogs - A lot (my kids think this is very funny)

You can contact me on 07979345347 or email info@fionajamiesonphotography.com and I can send you more details.

If you are looking for a photographer who is fun, relaxed and just loves working with people, then, hello ! I'm waving !

love Fiona
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